Reviews "Snooki-ing" (nagel-heyer 2029)

 True Nagel-Heyer: For the sound of the good old times of jazz and real hard-bop stuff he is the number 1. Usually I recommand little unorthodox things, because orthodox stuff is often boring, unless it is very good,  and without any doubt this band is very good.

(Sekiguschi / Kichijoi, Jazz & Classic Hall, Japan)

* * * * *

 This Music sounds straigth-forward and simple, at the same time very tasteful and highly emotionally. Claus Koch, who shows shadows of Sonny Rollins, Hank Mobley and Dexter Gordon, plays very fluently, with a beautyful tone. This CD is a surprise made by todays young european musicians with the spirit of the 50´s and pure Passion.

(Catfish Jazznews, Japan)