Music-Web ( UK) March 2003

None of the musicians on this record were known to me before, but I enjoyed their playing tremendously, both as soloists and collectively as a group, they are very impressive. All of the tunes are compositions of members of the band apart from Ghost of a Chance, which is a well-known standard.

Claus Koch is a fine inventive tenor player with a nice tone and an excellent technique, similarly his front line partner trumpeter Ralf Hesse, has no difficulty in getting round the bebop inspired phrases of most of the compositions, some of which are taken at quite a tempo. Super Spider would be a good example of this and the rhythm section is superb at all tempos, as a jazz trio I rate them highly.

The programme sustains the listener's interest throughout and the recording is crisp and clean. I heartily recommend this disk to any jazz fan, it is refreshing to hear such a fine group of musicians playing their own worthwhile compositions, instead of the tuneless junk we have had to suffer on a lot of more recent releases from others, who should know better! I would also recommend the group to UK Jazz Festival organisers, they are very worthy of a UK tour, and I would certainly like to hear a live performance by them.

Don Mather